Welcome to Ca State Guard

What is the California State Guard?
The California State Guard is the former name of the California State Military Reserve and refers collectively to all of the branches of the California Military Department. The trifecta that keeps California safe is:
California Army National Guard
California Air National Guard
California State Military Reserve
        Army MACOM
        Air MACOM
        Maritime MACOM

This website is here for two purposes:
1) Provide a high-speed low-drag email address for those in the state guard.
2) Enable secure communications without data-mining .

This is a private server provided for free for use by those in the guard. If you wish a free email address and access to other features on this system, click the "request access" link at the top of the page.

Your status in the State Guard will be verified. You will be given an encryption key to insure your data is safe even from server administrators.

This website is privately owned and has no official affiliation with the California State Military Reserve (CSMR) or the California State Guard.